Malkoff M61NH sm353 Light Engine (HCRI Nichia 519A, 3500K, 3-10V)


Short Specs (full specs below):
- Emitter: Nichia 519A sm353 domed LED
- Optic style: McR-series textured reflector
- CCT: 3500K
- Power source: 3-10V
- Output: 540 lumens
- User Interface: single high output only
- Runtime: 2.2A at 3.8V (typical 90 minutes on 18650, 45 minutes on 2xCR123A)
- Malkoff Devices Lifetime Warranty

The Malkoff M61NH is an Light Engine for C-series lights and Malkoff MD2 lights. It is a drop-in LED conversion upgrade to improve the light quality and output for all compatible lights. The M61NH is designed to add extreme reliability to legacy flashlights in the familiar P60-compatible format and is proudly made in the USA by Gene Malkoff and his small team who are trusted by law enforcement, military, and civilians in dark places around the world.

Using the industry leading Nichia 519a emitter and the legendary McR reflector with orange peel texture, the M61NH offers full spectrum light (Ra 98) and boasts an incredible red spectrum (R9 80+) with a generally pleasant tint. No more tint lottery.

This special run of M61NH is issued in the Nichia 519a sm453 variant and preserves the dome to improve the beam quality and provide a wider hotspot, for a bright neutral white 4500K CCT. This color is balanced for usage under all conditions, ideal for outdoorsmen as well as tactical users.

The M61NH is using the M61SHO driver to output a massive 540 lumens for 90 minutes on a typical Li-ion battery (eg. 3500mAh 18650). It is fully potted for a lifetime of reliable service. We recommend only using single Li-ion batteries, but the M61NH is capable of powering off of many common battery configurations.

Note: This model and the previous model were incorrectly labeled as supporting up to 14V. The correct maximum voltage is 10V for this and the previous model of M61NH.

Full compatibility with, but not limited to:
- C-series
- P60, P61, P90, P91
- 3P, 6P, 6Z, 9P
- C2, C3, M2, M3, Z2, Z3
- Malkoff VME
- Malkoff MD2, MD3, MD4
- Malkoff Hi/Lo Ring

Partial compatibility, using a fitment spring or fit tape:
- L2, L2P
- SP-6, SP-9
- D26
- E2C
- and many, many more

Not recommended for plastic models like G2, G3 due to extremely high output.

Please note: Due to the nature of this limited run item, any warranty issue brought to Malkoff Devices that requires a full unit replacement will not be able to replicate the unique LED configuration of this light and will be offered one of the standard factory options.

~~~Things Mr. Malkoff Wishes You to Know Before Purchase:~~~

A Fitting Ring (available on previous webpage) is required if used with a shock-absorbing head (ie Surefire M2 Combat Light or Surefire M951 Weapon Light)

The M61 SHO will work in the Surefire M951, but do to variations over the production lifetime (of the 951) there are a few caveats:

1. You may, or may not, need to stretch the tail spring on the M61.

2. You may, or may not, need to use the black fitting ring we sell.

3. If there is a black grommet in the throat of the light, it may need to be removed (snaps out) with needle nosed pliers.

If you need help with the installation, please feel free to give us a call.

The M61 will not work in SureFire Forends. Please see our SureFire Forend specific models.

A M61 Lens Kit, or suitable equivalent, is required for use in the MDX Head (MD2 Flashlight). To use the M61 in Elzetta Flashlights you will need the VME Lens Kit. These are available on the Malkoff Devices Flashlights Parts webpage.

The M61 dropin was designed to operate at maximum output for extended times in metal lights. Operating the unit for more than 5 continuous minutes on high in plastic lights (Surefire G2 and G3) may damage the dropin. This is not an issue in metal lights.

If you have and all plastic G2 or G3, please choose the M61L or M61LL.

WARNING: This light is capable of causing eye damage at close range. Please use the light responsibly!!!

Battery Warnings:
Use Only Quality Batteries from Trusted Sources. Lithium Primary and Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries are Inherently Volatile and Dangerous to Store and Use. All Lithium Batteries Introduce the Risk of Fire, Burns, and Explosions. You Assume the Responsibility of Educating Yourself About Their Use and Storage Before Purchase! If You are Uncomfortable With This, Do Not Purchase this Light!

Made in the USA. Some parts not domestically sourced.