Kōsen Fine Flashlights


How do I find out about new releases?

Our Facebook page is the best place to keep up with all of our upcoming work. From time to time we will solicit feedback from our customers on Facebook for planning our next products. Our customers dictate our direction!

We also offer a low-noise newsletter for those who only need to keep up with the latest releases.


What is your relationship with Malkoff Devices?

We have been longtime personal customers of Malkoff Devices and thanks to this relationship we are pleased to offer special customized versions of their lights to reach an under-served market. We work directly with Malkoff Devices to incorporate customer feedback and for the manufacturing of these products. We are independently owned and operated and a separate entity from Malkoff Devices. All products we sell which carry the Malkoff name are covered by the Malkoff Devices warranty.


Where do you ship from? 

Our R&D facility is based in Brooklyn, New York, USA, and we ship directly from there. Our lab is not open to the public. We use American talent and American suppliers because we believe it is the most ethical and sustainable business model for us. 


Where do you ship to?

We ship the majority of our orders within the Continental United States however our postage provider allows us to ship nearly anywhere in the world. At the time of publishing, we're proud to offer $18 fully insured international shipping to nearly every country in the world for a single item, only $6 more than USA buyers. We must check all of our international buyers against the Federal Consolidated Screening List to adhere to national export policy.


Do you accept returns?

We accept returns for a full refund of any unused product in original packaging, minus the cost of shipping. We cannot cover the cost of return shipping excepting for errors on our part, defective items, or units damaged during shipping. Please contact us for any customer service needs. We will respond as quickly as possible. 


Do these lights carry a warranty?

Please contact Cathy at Malkoff Devices directly for warranty needs. Due to the nature of our limited run productions, any warranty issue brought to Malkoff Devices that requires a full unit replacement will not be able to replicate the unique LED configuration of these lights and will be offered one of the standard factory options. For full details, please check the Malkoff Devices warranty.

What batteries do you recommend?

- For our 14500 powered lights, we recommend Vapcell brand 14500s sold by Illumn. Any rated 3A or higher is suitable and the higher the mAh rating, the more runtime you will have. We prefer the flat tops as they are cheaper and have no functional difference with Malkoff lights.

- For our AA powered lights, we recommend Panasonic Eneloop or the rebadged Ikea Ladda. We prefer the 1900-2000mAh versions as they can withstand more than twice the number of recharge cycles but we are happy to recommend the Pro and 2450mAh cells if absolute max runtime is required. If you need disposables for long term storage or extreme cold weather we only recommend Energizer L91 Lithium AA

Do your batteries carry a warranty?

Please note that most of our lights are not supplied with a battery unless otherwise specified. However, if you experience an issue with any rechargeable batteries we do sell or supply within the first 30 days, we are happy to offer an exchange or replacement as we see fit. However, as batteries are wear items, we cannot offer a warranty beyond that period.