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Malkoff MDC HCRI Flashlight


Short Specs (full specs below):
- Emitter: Nichia 519A LED (sm453 dedomed)
- Optic style: McR-series textured reflector
- CCT: 3400 (sm453 dedomed)
- Power source: 1x Li-ion 14500 not included
- Output: 30 - 185 - 500 lumens
- User Interface: 3 modes, L - M- H, starts on Low
- Malkoff Devices Lifetime Warranty

The Malkoff MDC HCRI is designed for extreme reliability in a lightweight and compact footprint. Classically overbuilt but re-imagined for modern times, the MDC HCRI is proudly made in the USA by Gene Malkoff and his small team who are trusted by law enforcement, military, and civilians in dark places around the world.

Using the industry leading Nichia 519a emitter and the legendary McR reflector with orange peel texture, the MDC HCRI offers full spectrum light (Ra 98) and boasts an incredible red spectrum (R9 80+) while also guaranteeing a generally pleasant tint. No more tint lottery.

With three output levels and 500 lumens max, the MDC HCRI shines a ray of light that slices through darkness and offers near sunlight quality color rendition while keeping enough in reserve for you to get home on a single battery. There is no step down on high, so the MDC HCRI will continue blasting its maximum 500 lumens or as near to it as the battery can sustain.

The MDC HCRI is equipped with a sturdy pocket clip and has a new upgraded tapered half knurled body for easier pocket ingress and egress. We're also proudly using the new Malkoff buck driver for improved power efficiency. All of the flashlight electronics are potted for water and impact resistance and the only wear item (the switch) is designed to be user serviceable with the industry standard McClicky.

This flashlight is powered by a 14500 lithium ion cell (not included). Almost all 14500 cells fit including most protected, unprotected, flat top, or button top batteries. Many USB batteries work as well.

What we're excited about:
- Nichia 519a LED (sm453 dedomed) for ultra high color rendering and rosy-neutral tint
- extremely overbuilt but gentle on pockets, with a great pocket clip
- new buck driver 3.7v-9v for improved efficiency
- next gen 14500 body, half knurled with tapered smooth front for easier pocket ingress

Please note: Due to the nature of this limited run item, any warranty issue brought to Malkoff Devices that requires a full unit replacement will not be able to replicate the unique LED configuration of this light and will be offered one of the standard factory options.

Full Specs:
- Length: 4.5 inches
- Diameter: 1 inch (head)
- Weight: 2.66 oz (without battery, with avg. battery ~3.38 oz)
- Host materials: Type III black hard anodized 6061T6 aluminum
- Optic style: textured McR reflector
- Emitter: Nichia 519a
- Emitter options: sm453dd (3400K CCT, hi throw, rosy)
- Output: 30 - 185 - 500 lumens
- Amperage draw: 70mA - 650mA - 2200mA (at 3.8V)
- Lux: 6000 on high
- User interface: 3 modes, L-M-H, starts on low
- Power source: 1x Li-ion 14500 not included (accepts nearly all unprotected, protected, button top, flat top, and most USB 14500s with minimum CDR 3A)
- Working voltage: 2.6-9V
- Switch: McClicky forward switch, silicone boot
- System compatibility: E-series, Aleph, MDC/Scout
- Origin: Manufactured and assembled in the USA

~~~ A message from Mr. Gene Malkoff ~~~
It will easily illuminate objects at 350+ feet and will blind opponents within a 100 foot radius.

The switch debounce time is 150 milliseconds. The mode will advance each time the light is momentarily activated and the switch debounce time has passed.
This light USES ON TIME to determine mode switching. If the light is left ON for more than 1 second, the NEXT off/on cycle will return the light to low. If the light is NOT LEFT ON for 1+ seconds the NEXT off/on cycle will advance the mode. The off time has no relation to the mode switching of the light. In most normal use, the light will always come on in low.

This Flashlight was designed for rugged service from the ground up. It is fully potted to stand up to rough service and recoil. This Item is Covered by Our Lifetime Warranty. [ed. While the light will be fully covered by Malkoff's lifetime warranty, any replacement items issued will use the standard factory option LED.]

The Flashlight is protected against reverse polarity.

WARNING: This light is capable of causing eye damage at close range. Please use the light responsibly!!!