Malkoff Bodyguard R HCRI Flashlight (Nichia 519A)

Malkoff Bodyguard R HCRI Flashlight (Nichia 519A)


Short Specs (full specs below):
- Emitter: Nichia 519A LED (sm453)
- Optic style: McR-series textured reflector
- CCT: 4500K
- Power source: 1x CR123A lithium primary or 1x Li-ion 16340
- User Interface: 1 mode with tactical turbo
- Output: appx. 600 lumens turbo for 8s, then regulated 175 lumens
- Malkoff Devices Lifetime Warranty

The Malkoff Bodyguard R HCRI is designed for extreme reliability in a lightweight and compact footprint. Classically overbuilt but re-imagined for modern times, the Bodyguard R HCRI is proudly made in the USA by Gene Malkoff and his small team who are trusted by law enforcement, military, and civilians in dark places around the world.

Using the industry leading Nichia 519a emitter and the legendary McR reflector with orange peel texture, the Bodyguard R-HCRI offers full spectrum light (Ra 98) and boasts an incredible red spectrum (R9 80+) while also guaranteeing a generally pleasant tint. No more tint lottery.

The Malkoff Bodyguard R HCRI is ideal for defensive use or carry with a CCW due to its unique single mode high output turbo. On every activation, the Bodyguard guarantees a full blast of 600 lumens with no fumble factor. After 8 seconds, the Bodyguard kicks into low gear of 175 lumens, ensuring that you have plenty of power for extended use as well as preventing the light from getting dangerously hot. In practice this means users can have their cake and eat it too - you have the certainty of high tactical output every single time, but you have the long runtime, safety, and more comfortable output of a standard carry flashlight.

This extremely special edition of the Bodyguard R HCRI is equipped with a reflector -- the standard model comes with an optic -- for a softer hotspot with brighter spill, offering better suitability for close range encounters and improved peripheral vision, as well as a smoother corona with no artifacts. Our customers have told us that our original Bodyguard HCRI with standard optic can be too overpowering for the ranges they typically need, so we are now offering the R HCRI for those with shorter distance requirements.

The Bodyguard R HCRI is equipped with a shrouded tail switch to protect against negligent discharge of the light as well as provide convenient tailstanding for room lighting. It is also has a sturdy pocket clip and the removable delrin grip ring for improved tactical retention and light control. All of the flashlight electronics are potted for water and impact resistance and the only wear item (the switch) is designed to be user serviceable with the industry standard McClicky.

This flashlight is powered by a 16340 lithium ion cell (not included). Disposable lithium primary CR123A are also supported for the most versatile field use (included).

What we're excited about:
- Full power turbo on every press of the button
- Fumble-free with no modes to blink through
- Nichia 519a LED for ultra high color rendering and neutral tint
- extremely overbuilt, with a great pocket clip
- McR series reflector for improved beam quality and brighter peripheral vision

Full Specs:
- Length: 3.75 inches
- Diameter: 1 inch (head)
- Weight: xxxx 2.66 oz (without battery, with avg. battery ~3.38 oz)
- Host materials: Type III black hard anodized 7075 aluminum
- Body style: shrouded tail switch
- Optic style: textured McR reflector
- Emitter: Nichia 519a sm453
- CCT: 4500K
- Output: 600 for 8 seconds - 175 lumens
- User Interface: 1 mode with tactical turbo
- Output: appx. 600 lumens turbo for 8s, then regulated 175 lumens
- Malkoff Devices Lifetime Warranty
- Working voltage: 3-6V
- Switch: McClicky forward switch, silicone boot
- System compatibility: E-series, Aleph, MDC/Scout
- Bezel Ring compatibility: Works with Malkoff stainless steel Crenelated Bezel
- Grip Ring: removable